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Electric Vehicles

Some thoughts on electric vehicles in general.
Due to the fact that battery technology allows for a much reduced energy density, than liquid hydrocarbon fuels; I think that it is unreasonable to expect electric vehicles to replace internal combustion engine vehicles in their current configurations.

That does not mean that I do not think there is a viable place for electric vehicles. In fact one of the main purposes of this web site is to build a profile of how viable electric vehicles can look and be used in a manner that reduces overall pollution, resource and energy consumption, in a meaningful way.

Specifically, I believe that electric vehicles should be in addition to current internal combustion engine vehicles, so as to make the combination of the two, more efficient in terms of both resources and energy use, then having just one of them.

The way I see this working, is using an electric vehicle for commuting (work etc.), which is often the bulk of travel distance, over time. This can be done with a very small, light weight electric vehicle. While keeping the existing internal combustion vehicle for when you need to travel further than your electric vehicle can, and or, when you need greater carrying capacity than your electric vehicle has.

What this achieves in practice, is a much lower operating cost for your commuting. It also means that your internal combustion engine vehicle is used substantially less often, reducing liquid hydrocarbon fuel use, and general wear and tear. Which in turn also tends to a much extended life expectancy for your internal combustion engine vehicle.

Where I see this approach being effective is where the daily commute is limited to around 15 to 20 kilometers (approximately 10 to 15 miles) each way or 30 to 40 kilometers (20 to 30 miles) round trip. The reason for this arbitrary distance is for design compromises. This allows for a small, light electric vehicle, traveling at a slower speed, which reduces over all vehicle capital and running cost, while not impacting travel time in a manner that makes it impractical to use.

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