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Living Wagon

Some initial concepts

Exterior walls: 6mm ply
Beams constructed with 6mm ply & solid wood to built up into I beams.
Interior linings: 3mm ply
6" sheep wool insulation.

Living Wagon Materials List:
1/4 plywood $30 per sheet X 24 = exterior roof and walls Approx $720

1/8 plywood $12 per sheet X 24 = interior roof and walls approx $288

3/4 plywood $55 per sheet X 14 = double floor approx $770

1/2 plywood $36 per sheet X 8 = bulkheads and toilet/shower doors approx $288

Misc Plywood Approx $1000

Total plywood including bed, cabinetry, etc Approx $4,000

Dickinson Propane heater Approx $1,000

Two foot square domestic propane stove/oven

Portable chemical cassette toilet Approx $200

Sheep wool insulation Approx $2,600


Xynole polyester fabric

Cedar/Cypress framing timber

Whale Gusher foot pump Approx $150

Garden pressure sprayer (shower)

Propane tanks

Engel fridge Approx $2,000

Solar setup

Air conditioner? (solar powered, daytime running only)

Tandem axle single wheel fifth wheel trailer (25ft) Approx $10,000



Golden ratio: = approx 1 X .62 (length X width) or 1 / .62 (width / length)
Probable better alternative is 1 X .68

Study on weight saving holes in wood I beam construction ./web5138.pdf

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